What is EdSphere?

EdSphere® is a student-centered, personalized learning platform that provides learners with differentiated reading, writing and vocabulary activities. Access the flyer here

EdSphere employs the research and technology of The Lexile® Framework for Reading and The Lexile® Framework for Writing to differentiate students' reading and writing practice. The platform provides an engaging, online environment where students can assume control of their learning by completing self-directed reading and writing activities at the right level of challenge, supporting literacy growth.

Targeted Reading Practice

Students can peruse an extensive database of tens of thousands periodical and newspaper articles, as well as a large interactive library that provides access to thousands of classic works of literature. A student’s reading experience is targeted to his or her unique Lexile measure and interests and designed to fuel their desire to read. Every reading experience blends assessment and instruction by incorporating an embedded learning assessment followed by immediate instructional feedback.

Adaptive Writing Activities

EdSphere® provides targeted writing activities to help cultivate better writers. Students respond to writing prompts on a range of content-area topics. Essays are scored instantaneously and assigned a Lexile writer measure. Students' writing skills are further nurtured through the platform's paragraph editing activities and its guided instruction for convention use.

Guided Vocabulary Instruction

​Extensive vocabulary knowledge is built through the platform's "Concept Clue" activities. This game-like activity uses word associations and existing vocabulary knowledge to propel vocabulary acquisition and strengthen vocabulary connections. 

Robust Reporting Suite

EdSphere® offers educators and administrators numerous comprehensive usage and growth reports at the student, class, grade, school and district level. EdSphere also provides a growth trajectory tool that forecasts a student's reading and writing performance. This tool, based on research and individual student performance, shows if a student is on track to be college and career ready.

College and Career Readiness

EdSphere® supports learning based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

  • Large database of non-fiction articles supports the CCSS's recommended increase in exposure to informational text.
  • Platform reflects the CCSS's focus on "stretch" reading by allowing users the option to read more challenging texts.
  • Growth forecasting tool enables teachers to see if a student is on track to meet the reading demands of college and careers defined by the CCSS.

All The Tools You Need

By customizing the learning experience for each student, EdSphere® takes differentiated instruction to a new level and redefines the traditional approach to assessment and instruction. Find out more

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EdSphere is a student-centered learning tool that provides learners with differentiated reading, writing and vocabulary activities. Learn more today!